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Arasaka .50 NightHawk

The Arasaka .50 NightHawk is there standard issue pistol to there gray Ops department.  This pistol can be turned into a rifle by adding a barrel extender and stock to the pistol.  When this is done add 150 meters to its range.

Pistol      0       P       Rare      2D6-2    10 Rounds     2      R      100m     3000 EB

Magnum .50 Suppressor

The Magnum Suppressor is the ultimate in six shooter technology.  This baby can stop a charging rhino dead at twenty paces.  The draw back of this hand cannon is that if you do not have cyber arms you need to brace the gun with two hands or risk breaking your arm.(4 in 10 chance of this happening.)

Pistol     -2     P     Common    3D6+4    6 Rounds    1      VR    50m      500 EB