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Millennium Mirror

Boy that sun is sure bright these days but with Millennium Mirror you wont need to squint to see.  These stylish rap round mirror shades come in a range of finishes to suit just about everyone.  Want to look cool at night but dont want to walk into a wall because you couldn't see it well dont worry for some extra euro we can fit you for low light.
Basic range 10-100 EB
Intermediate Range 100-500 EB
Designer Range 500-5000 EB
Low Light Option add 500 EB to price

Alcorp Designer Silk Weave

Dont like wearing unsightly body Armour.  Well welcome to the future.  We provide a wide range of clothing spun from silk weave.  Utilizing nano tech we have combined high fashion with high safety.  Our designer  suits can stop most modern hand guns from point blank.

SP 20
Suit costs 5000 EB

Power Holster

Sick of having to carry your gun either under your arm or on your belt.  Well dont despair as we have the solution.  The power holster is designed to be fitted to your fore arm and allow quick deployment of your weapon.  All you do is form your hand into position to receive the pistol and the power holster does the rest for you.  The only draw back from using our power holster is you loose some accuracy and range from your weapon as we have to modify it to fit the holster.

Cost   100-5000 depending on pistol size and type.
Gain +1 on initiative for quick draw
Lose 1 on accuracy and lose half your weapons range.