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A.V. Civilian
Ford-McDonald Douglas AV-12  Police Cruiser

This vehicle uses the sleek aerodynamic Ford Alpha Tech body shell.  The NCPD have customized it a bit but basically it is the same as the civilian model.  This version has armored body work and windows as well as a full police band radio transceiver.   The boot contains a whole arsenal of equipment for dealing with just about every situation possible.  Inside there is two police issue shotguns, body Armour for two people, and a caged area for keeping suspects secure.

Fuel  CHOOH2
Operational radius   600 miles
Airspeed    400 mph
SDP  50

Trauma Team AV8A+ Mobile Field Surgery

Originally designed for military use the Mobile Field Surgery was purchased by Trauma Team to deal with the growing number of casualties that required full medical attention on the scene.  These beasts are only sent to large incidents such as multi-vehicle pile ups or other large disasters.  They have two full surgical teams on board as well as a five strong security team.  Although this AV itself is not armed the security team is and dont think twice about using their weapons to defend their vehicle.

Operational radius   1000 miles
Airspeed    550 mph
SDP  80
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