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Optional Ground
Kevlar Body Inlays

Ever tried driving around the combat zone.  I guess you haven't as you are still here but with our Kevlar plates attached to the inside of your cars body work you have a chance of getting through alive.

+15 SDP to the vehicle.
100 EB per square feet of coverage.

Bullet Proof Glass

This stuff can stop a magnum 50 at ten paces. Its great and light.  Combined with our Body Inlays it will turn your roadster into the ultimate combat vehicle.  Well almost.

+10 SDP
Front/Rear windows 2000 EB
Side windows 500 EB

Smoke Screen

Being chased and have nowhere to hide.  Well dont worry.  Just activate our smoke screen dispenser and watch that tale disappear.

300 EB
Chemical refill 50 EB