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Corporate Equipment
Arasaka Gray Ops Assault Kit

This kit comes in a black steel briefcase.  The handle of the case has two buttons built into it.  The first button opens a compartment in the back of the case which contains two blackened throwing knives.  The second button detonates the 4 kilos of plastic explosives which is built into the body of the case.
Inside of the case there is a pump action shotgun and a .50 caliber pistol.  There is also a barrel extension, a stock and a set of telescopic sights for the pistol, which effectively turn it into a semi automatic sniper rifle.

Arasaka Gray Ops Technical Kit

This kit comes in a rip-stop A4 sized wallet which is about an inch thick.  Contained within is a complete tool kit for just about any job.
Contents will vary but an average kit will contain:- Pliers, Wire Cutters, Battery powered soldering iron, battery powered screw driver/drill, selection of bits for drill, lock picks(standard and electrical).  There is a ten percent chance these kits will contain specialist tools for things such as cyber tech repair etc.

Arasaka Gray Ops Tech Weapons Kit

This kit comes in a smaller version of the Assault Kit.  It contains two .50 caliber pistols and a double shoulder holster for them.  The double holsters front straps have small elasticated loops all the way down to allow the techie to keep his tools available at all times.