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Update Archive
September 19 2001
I have added a new area
to the mall called corporate equipment.
It will detail specialist equipment such as the Arasaka gray Ops kits along with other things when I have time to upload them.I have also added some new stuff to other sections of this site. I am in need of some good art work for this site, so if any of you cyber fans out there can draw then please e-mail me.  I hope to update this sight every couple of weeks so keep browsing and please take a few moment to sign my guest book.
I would like to take a moment to offer my condolences to everyone in the US and to say that the world should unite and destroy not only the person responsible for this but all terrorists around the world.
It is the start of a new millennium and I would like to see a world where everyone can live in peace but if these sadists continue this form of action on the world then all I can say is an eye for an eye.
Thank you.