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AV8A+  Mobile Field Surgery
AV8A+  Mobile Field Surgery
Surgical Area

Overhead Compartment One

X-ray Machine
Operating Lights

Overhead Compartment Two

Fold out life support machine

Area 1

Life uproot monitors
Direct Net access to medical records

Area 2

Operating Table 1
Operating Table 2

Area 3

Two mobile tool racks.

Area 4

Rear entrance
Scrub up area

Area 5

Surgical teams and security Team seating
Side Doors

Left Side Compartments

Compartment One

Complete Drugs Pharmacy

Compartment Two

4 Incident kits

Compartment Three

Complete selection of sutures

Exterior Compartments

Left Side Compartments

Compartment One

5 Folding wheeled stretchers

Compartment Two

High Intensity spot lamps on a 25 foot extending pole
Traffic control equipment

Compartment Three

Disposable Coveralls
Disposable Gloves
100 Micro Pack Body Bags

Incident Kit 

An incident kit is what the doctors take from the vehicle when they leave to check patients on the ground before having them moved to the operating table.

These Contain
Mobile defibrillator.
Morphine hypos
Compression packs
Two hard neck braces.
4 Limb immobilizing kits
Anesthetic Hypos