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Welcome to Night City in the year 2030.  We have reserved a body bag in your size.  Please enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to the future.  Things have certainly been hot around here, but for all you punks that have been in cryo-stasis for the past ten years here is a brief bit of history.


The gang wars are back bigger and better than ever.  With fire fights happening all over the city it is not safe to even leave your home and in some cases not safe to be at home.  There is talk that these gang fights are being funded by various corporations but no one can produce hard evidence of it.  The year was brought to an end quite literally with a bang when a small tactical nuke was detonated in the North Eastern corner of the business loop.  The explosion destroyed approximately 20 square blocks and killed several million people.


With the clean up under way in the business loop things were starting to get back to normal.  The gang wars seemed to have quieted down after the blast and everyone could breath a sigh of relief.  A young business man bought the devastated area for 25 million euro and said he got a good deal.  Andrew Smith then went on to buy out several companies which were based in Night City.  Corps started to watch him more closely after that and gave him the nickname Scrooge as he was very tight fisted over money matters.


Construction began in the devastated area of the business loop this year as 'Scrooge'  paid for the construction of four massive towers.  The towers were to be 400 stories each.  Night Cities mayor was kidnapped this year by a group of soldiers who thought that the city was not being run properly.  A failed recovery attempt left the mayor dead and all three recovery teams in need of either major surgery or a body bag.  Elections were held and after the final count John Stone took his seat in office.  The first thing he did was to mobilize the urban rangers to seek out and destroy the group behind the mayors death.


The CZ wars began at the start of this year as urban rangers marched in to seek out and destroy the black hand.  The Black Hand had admitted being behind the kidnapping of the mayor.  Veterans of previous wars said the CZ war made the rest look like a walk in the park.  A curfew was imposed on the CZ and anyone found braking it would be shot on sight.

That's it for now.  I will fill in the rest next time.