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Useful Info
I will be compiling and posting a slang dictionary here as well as a collection of N.P.Cs that frequent my adventures.  Remember if you wish me to post your stuff send it to me. My address is in the Contact Us section of this sight.
Also to be included in this section will be a monthly(hopefully) copy of Night City News.  This section will contain stories, adds NPCs offering there services etc.  But I will not be creating this section,  I am asking you the players to write these stories.  The best story I receive will get to headline the paper.  GMs  dont worry I have not forgotten you,  what I want from you is body counts from around night city.  If you can give an area where the bodies were found.  At the end of the month I will post the results then you can include a body count lotto into your own adventure.
Send submissions to me via my address on the contacts page